My Titan saved my life

The day started like any other day. I woke up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put my Titan watch on my wrist. 12 hours later, I was in the hospital, and the doctor was saying, “this is very serious sir'”. You see I was at a friend’s house fixing their Murphy wall bed. What I didn’t realize is the spring loaded bar that lifts the bed up wasn’t secured properly. And so when the bar let go, it hit my arm with the force of a baseball bat swung by someone who knows how to swing a bat. As the doctor examined my injury, he couldn’t believe that the bar hadn’t sliced through the tendons of my arm and the artery in my wrist. What he couldn’t have known was that I was wearing my watch with a solid titanium band, and it took the brunt of the impact. Or more accurately, it saved my life. I still ended up with shattered bone and a pretty big hole in my wrist, but as the doctor said, it could have be so much worse. And he’s right. The band on my watch was destroyed from the impact, but the watch itself survived without a scratch on it (that crystal is tough!). I feel naked without watch these days. Sure, I have a titanium plate screwed to the bone in my arm with 10 titanium screws, but when a watch saves your life, you feel naked without it. Now it’s in the hands of you Momentum people to see if they can bring my watch back from near death. It will be a challenge. That Murphy bed hit it hard enough to explode parts of it. But I’ve been wearing Momentum watches for 10 Years now. This is my second Titan (lost the first one), and I’ll keep wearing the titanium watches as long as they make it. Thanks Momentum for making the watch that saved my life. I owe you guys one.

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