Practical.accurate timepieces for vision impaired owners

I own a momentum ATLAS t1 V Series watch .I bought it because my vision was reducing and is now seriously impaired . It provides me with clear time keeping at all times of day and night. I have one complaint and that is that the 5 year life on the battery is questionable having been replaced twice since 2013. I hope this second replacement upholds the specifications. I would like to own a second Momentum watch . My first choice in the competition.

>>> Team Momentum: Thanks for your positive comments about the legibility of your Atlas. For the battery life of the Atlas, the movement specification is that fresh batteries, properly installed, should last approximately 5 years. While some customers reports batteries lasting longer than 5 years, we would expect your battery to last at least around 4 years between battery changes… so trust your recent battery replacement will last this amount of time, though it can be affected by temperature, etc.. (Not sure whether the battery change was done by the Momentum Service Center, or a local dealer? – always be sure the battery being installed is fresh, as silver oxide batteries do have a shelf-life, so if the battery has been “in stock” for a longer period, it will have drained, even if not installed in a watch.)

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