Naked Wearing My Atlas

I spend several months each year climbing mountains in New Zealand. My Momentum Atlas watch goes with me everywhere. Last year I attempted to capture a photo of how it really feels to climb a mountain. On one particular climb in Kahurangi National Park, the conditions were perfect. The photo captured is me at the summit, jumping up with my feet off the ground and my arms stretched above my head. The photo is taken from behind and in the background are other mountains covered in a blanket of clouds- the other detail is that I’m completely naked. Well, almost completed naked. I am still wearing my watch. When my wife saw the photo, she asked, “You have nothing on but your watch. Why is that?” I responded, “You know, it has become such a part of me, that I forgot I had it on.” I get the same general reaction from everyone who has seen the photo, followed by, “The watch maker would probably like a copy of this.” And if St. Moritz is curious to see it, I would be happy to share it.

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