I’ve found my favorite watch

As an avid Horologist I’ve collected brand names and styles that range from dive chronographs to bomb proof field watches. I ordered a base layer with a NATO band and a HeartWare digital for the gym in November of 2016. Momentum has both the design, craftsmanship and customer service I’ve always desired. A quick look at their selection leads me to believe my birthday and Christmas wish list will be easy to fill for the next decade. We recently had a house fire and the charging cable for my HeartWare was destroyed. I called their main customer service line to order a new one, within 3 minutes a free replacement had been offered. I’m sold. These are what’s going to be on my arm from now on.

Randall Cone
Dallas, Georgia

>>>> Team Momentum: Thanks Randall. We really appreciate your kind words and positive feedback!

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