Durable Watch

I have a Momentum Titanium watch which I have owned for 5 years now, It is a very reliable time piece and I just really like the lightness and the overall basic style of this watch.I am a tradesman and I wear the watch everyday and it never comes off, yes it gets a fair amount of abuse e.g. Hammering, working in Freezers, hot ceiling spaces, oil grease and grime etc.I also shower with it on, go swimming in the sea, and when I go out on more formal occasions yep it’s there. I notice because the watch face is quite large that people often look at it for the time with out asking. I love the large numerals just so easy to read and I brought it for this reason that now as I grow older and my vision fails that I still will be able to tell the time as well.So if you want a go anywhere watch look no further people!! also I have replaced the strap once and it still has the original battery.

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