Don’t waste your money on more expensive or cheaper watches…toughest watch face and body for the price…a modern heirloom in a disposable world

I have owned tons of watches. Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, Swatches and too many Casios to count. All of those watches became scratched or smashed in a short time. Wish I could have added up all the money I spent on previous watches and just bought St. Moritz watches exclusively. I would have been so much further ahead. I have over 10 years on my Momentum VS-1. Just regular battery replacements and 3 band replacements. I work in construction and spend a lot of time in salt water. The sapphire crystal face is the toughest watch face out there without spending 3 or 4 times as much for the equivalent. The stainless steel billet that watch body is made out of has survived concrete, rebar, hammers, cycling falls, skiing falls, and continuous exposure to saltwater during kayaking. The original appeal for me was to buy a North American designed and made watch. Better yet it was from a Canadian and Vancouver, BC company with great local service. The durability and water proofness have been simply amazing.

To all the techno geeks out there. This watch is not a weather station nor is it a handheld altimeter or a handheld compass. Yes, it has those instruments. But if you want better accuracy for barometric pressures, altimeter elevations, temperature, compass headings, logging functions I would suggest you carry several dedicated instruments (compass, thermometer, altimeter/barometer, GPS, etc) to carry out those functions. Most watches with sensors several millimeters from the skin of your wrist surrounded the your own body’s interference and micro climate will disappoint. Or you can take the watch off your wrist and move it outside of the influence of your body and these various functions will be quite accurate. I think a lot of people demand way too much from a $200 watch.

Thanks so much for making a top notch product and backing up your watches with great service.

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