Beats any casio I have ever owned

I just received the watch in the mail and was instantly in love with it. The packaging was hefty and nearly invincible gauging from the heft. The watch is heavy and tough looking. Directions are short and sweet. I’m a front line supervisor at an active medium correctional facility in northern New York and I was looking for a watch that was easy to read and can withstand a mass disturbance. On my time I find peace in my gardens getting my hands dirty. This watch is the watch that can pull double duty. Impressive stature and reliable history at an affordable price for the average paycheck. Not an heirloom. Not yet anyway. The baselayer has the look and feel of a watch that could last that long. Love a company that thinks about quality of the product more than the mighty dollar. They have given me a little more faith that there is still a few companies out there thinking about the little guy behind the wall or in his garden. Thanks for the watch.

>>>>Team Momentum: Thanks for the great review and the photo of your watch! We really appreciate the positive feedback.

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