How do I find a local Momentum dealer?

Just click on our handy Dealer Locator and then share your location. (HINT: it’s in the menu at the bottom of each page.)

How do I send in my watch for service or repair?

You do not need a return authorization. Just visit our  Service Information page, (HINT: it’s in the menu at the bottom of each page.) Then download and complete the Service and Repair Form. Fill this in according to the instructions and return your watch to one of our service centers. We will take it from there.

How much will my service or repair cost?

While it is impossible for us to give an exact cost until we receive your watch and one of our watchmakers examines it, you can check our Repair Price Guidelines chart to get an estimate of approximate costs for different models.

** Please note: repair price guidelines are currently available in US $ CAD $ only.

How do I know if my repair will be covered under warranty?

Warranty coverage for service and repair is determined after evaluation by the Service Center. We cannot determine warranty coverage for an issue via email or over the phone. For more information about the warranty, please refer to our Service page.

I can't find information on a specific Momentum model or band I am interested in. How can I get some help or more information?

Please just contact our Customer Service by phone or email. (Just click on the Contact Us in the menu at the bottom of each page for our Customer Service hours  and how to reach us by phone or email.)

I have water inside my watch. Is this covered under warranty?

We need to get your watch into the hands of our watchmakers to evaluate how water got inside… we cannot determine this over the phone or by email. Water inside the watch can rust the movement beyond repair, so please get it back to our nearest authorized Service Center as soon as you can. Generally, if a watch leaked due to user error (e.g. the glass was cracked or damaged by an impact, or the crown was not screwed down correctly, or the buttons were pushed while under water), then it will NOT be covered under warranty. But we know it is an awful feeling when your watch floods, and will do whatever we can to repair or replace your watch as affordably as we can. If any leakage is due to defective components or faulty assembly, don’t worry: we will repair or replace your watch at no charge.

Do I need to register my watch to validate the warranty?

No. You do not need to register your watch… but please hang on to your original receipt, as this is required for any warranty claims.

What is a "sapphire" crystal or glass?

Today, most better quality watches are fitted with a heat-tempered (hardened) “mineral” crystal. While it is fairly scratch-resistant, mineral crystal can be scratched and damaged by everyday wear and inadvertent impacts, particularly if you are active and wear your watch for sports. Mineral glass is made from sand and has a hardness rating of around 6.5.  Sapphire crystals may not look any different at first glance, but are made from a completely different material: pure aluminum oxide. This material requires extremely high temperatures to manufacture and has a much higher hardness rating. (Around 9….this is just below a diamond, or a similar hardness rating to a natural sapphire stone…hence the name, “sapphire” crystal.)

Upgrading to a sapphire crystal will make your crystal virtually scratch proof, ensuring a clear view of the watch dial and maximum legibility for many years… even if you wear your watch hard!

Can I get my watch battery changed by a local jeweller?

Service and repair work performed outside of our authorized service locations will void the warranty, as we cannot guarantee other people’s work. If your watch is already outside of its warranty, we still recommend having the battery replaced at one of our Factory Service Centers, or an Authorized Service Partner. this will ensure that original parts are used, and that the watch is properly re-sealed and pressure tested after servicing, to ensure reliable water resistance is maintained.

Why is my watch marked water-resistant to 300M, or 500M, when my dive instructor tells me the safe limit for sport divers is 30M/100FT?

A 100M rated watch  with a screw-down crown is well suited for almost any water sports or diving. We actually test our higher rated watches to the stated depths, so to withstand the pressure, a 500M rated watch needs thicker, stronger case walls, a thicker, stronger case back and a thicker crystal (glass). This means that higher-rated watches have a heavier construction and will withstand really hard knocks and impacts better , BUT they are also thicker and heavier on the wrist. So, if you are really tough on your watch, a higher rating is recommended; but for normal underwater use, a 100M or 200M rated watch will  be easily up to the job.

I thought my watch was waterproof, but it is marked "water-resistant". Can I wear it in the water?

Marking regulations in certain countries do not allow us to mark watches as “waterproof”, even if they are dive models, rated to depths of 300M or more. Instead, they require us to mark “water-resistant”, together with the depth or pressure to which they have been tested. This means you can wear any Momentum watch with a water-resistant depth-rating in the water without worry…. just PLEASE ensure that you screw the crown into the case securely before you go in the water, and if your watch has any push-buttons, do NOT push the buttons while under water!

(Interesting fact: Momentum watches are sold in more professional dive shops than any other watch brand.)