Mini Rubber

Mini Rubber

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Mini Rubber

The smallest, thinnest M1 ever. Despite the compact, 31mm case and slim profile, each watch is tested to a depth of 200M/660FT. The Mini offers 7 color options and a bright white, luminous dial that is easy-to-read. Clean styling and a choice of great colors make the Mini a favorite for day-to-day wear and for active lifestyles. Perfect for smaller wrists.

For a more dressed up style, check out our new Gold Champagne Sapphire Mini! 



Luminous Dial

200 Meter Tested

2-3 Year Battery Life


14MM "Mini" Rubber band

This model comes on our Natural ‘Mini’ Rubber band, specially made for Momentum in Italy. This natural rubber is specially designed for smaller wrists, and is soft and flexible, for unsurpassed comfort and durability. The rubber mix is lightly scented with vanilla, to mask the natural rubber smell. Made to withstand the elements, and easy to scrub clean with a little soap and water, natural rubber is completely waterproof and perfect for any adventure.


Like a longer band?

If you wear your watch over a wetsuit and like a longer band, try our Hyper rubber band.

**Heads up! Lighter colors do have pigments that are naturally more delicate and will tend to stain or discolor faster than darker colors. Despite this, the white band is one of our top sellers. If your band does get stained or dirty, don’t worry: we have original replacement bands in a multitude of colors.



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