Logic SS 42 Ultra-White Rubber

Logic SS 42 Ultra-White Rubber

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Logic SS 42 Ultra-White Rubber

The LOGIC STEEL is designed to play hard and look good. At just 8.5mm, it’s one of the world’s slimmest 100M-rated watches, with all the strength and durability of a professional field watch. Engineered from a block of 316L stainless steel, LOGIC is simple, elegant and always ready for your next adventure.



Date & Hand applied indexes

100 Meter Tested with Screw-down Crown

5 Year Battery Life


22mm 'Smooth' Ultra-White Natural Rubber

This stain-resistant 'Smooth' rubber strap is made in Italy. Made to withstand the elements, this natural rubber is comfortable, soft, and perfect for any adventure.

**Heads up! This strap contains a delicate pigment to give it that 'ultra-white' look and although it has a special stain-resistant coating, over time it can discolor... but don't worry, we have replacement bands available.