Atlas 38 Fabric

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Custom Caseback Engraving

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Sapphire Crystal

Really tough on your watch? Consider upgrading to an ultra-hard, sapphire crystal. This is dramatically more scratch-resistant than regular mineral glass and virtually impossible to scratch, ensuring a crystal-clear view of the time, year after year!

Product Description

Atlas 38 Fabric

A discrete, traditional size (38mm). Engineered in solid titanium, to be so light, you will forget it is on your wrist. Atlas offers unparalleled comfort, legibility and rock-solid water-resistance. But don’t let the light weight fool you. This watch is a heavy-duty performer, guaranteed.


100 Meter Tested with Screw-down Crown
3-5 Year Battery Life

20MM Fabric Bands

Comes with a choice of two high-end fabric bands:

Our classic Cordura band is made of genuine Cordura, with a soft, non-allergenic liner that is both sweat and water resistant. The hand-stitching is tone-on-tone (non-contrast), for a simple, clean look.

Or, pick the Snowboard nylon band. This band has a heavier weave nylon upper, with the same comfortable, non-allergenic liner as the Cordura band, but has a slightly more tapered shape. Snowboard also has a more heavy-duty look, with contrast stitching and holes reinforced with steel grommets.



2 reviews for Atlas 38 Fabric

  1. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5


    5.0 out of 5 stars Incredibly durable, tough and affordable rugged watch., April 19, 2015
    I purchased this watch in 2013 for rough use. I needed a watch that I could use while camping, swimming in lakes, going to the gym, in the sauna and bitter cold weather. The ultimate timex weekender + camping watch, but one that could withstand any kind of rough abuse without ever taking it off.

    Let me tell you, this watch is incredible and it delivers. It’s got very very strong construction and there is nary a scratch on the dial, glass surface or the cordura/leather band (its incredibly tough) after 1.5 years of rugged use. The ‘gunmetal polished’ metal dial will scuff to bruises but not noticeable (see picture for one). But keep in mind, the amount of outdoor use I put into it, would literally scratch, crush and destroy any other watch beyond operable condition. I rarely write reviews, but I am writing this review because, while surfing for a back corder strap for this watch, I noticed another negative review that I felt needed counter-reviewing. For the $135 I paid, it was one of the best investments I ever made.

    The watch has been water tight, even after 3/wk use in the sauna and regular use in the shower. I used it for camping, white water rafting, hiking in rocky areas and rainy weather. The luminosity, when in proper sun, lasts for a very LONG time after dusk. Don’t know how that is possible, but it does. Sometimes it scares me if its too irradiated?

    In short, you can wear this watch and *never* remove it in any condition and it will run like a champ. The corder will ‘chafe’ some fine threads if you use tin shower and sauna everyday, but even after 1.5 years, I don’t see any noticeable difference in the cordura strap.

    Cons? The dial could have been a tad bigger, the numbers typeface a little less bold and the date is not perpetual and hence unnecessary. It creates the only ‘maintenance’ scenario in this watch every two months. Which could otherwise once put on, arguably, be completely forgotten and maintenance free on the wrist until the battery dies.

  2. 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5

    David Ingram:

    I have owned the Atlas for 3 years and it keeps incredibly accurate time under the worst of conditions. I run and swim with it 3+ times a week and simply wash it off with fresh water, and every now and then use a bit of soap. I have had the battery replaced only once. I am amazed that the crystal has no scratches, since I treat watches pretty roughly. The rubber watchband pulled on the hair on my arms, so I ordered a khaki Cordura band and am pleased with it. Prior to owning this watch I was an addicted watch-purchaser, but this watch meets my needs as a rugged, accurate and durable timepiece. If and when it dies I am getting another.

    >>> David, thanks so much for your positive comments. We appreciate it! Team Momentum

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