M50 [44mm]

SKU: 1M-DV52L0

Color: Luminous

The M50 Family includes the M50 Black-ion

Inspired by military and tactical teams, the M50 is the bulletproof, professional dive watch. The rugged features make the watch nearly indestructible.

Worn by the Vancouver ERT, Maryland State Police and many other tactical units across North America.

22mm Band Range

The M50 44mm can be customized with additional bands.

Check out the 22mm Band Range


Long Life Battery System

500 Meter Tested with Double locking Screw-down Crown

8-10 Year Battery Life

Standard Sapphire Crystal

This watch comes standard with or has the option for an ultra-hard, sapphire crystal. This is dramatically more scratch-resistant than regular mineral glass and virtually impossible to scratch, ensuring a crystal-clear view of the time, year after year!

For more information, visit: What's the benefit of Sapphire Crystal

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