Torpedo Black-ion Rubber
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Torpedo Black-ion Rubber

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Torpedo Black-ion Rubber

When you hit the water or the water hits you, you can count on the Torpedo like no other. Engineered for reliability, at a price that won’t leave you gasping for air.

 The Torpedo is also available in a brushed steel case. 



Oversize offset screw-down crown

200 Meter Tested

3-5 Year Battery Life


22MM 'Hyper' Natural Rubber Band

The Hyper rubber strap from Italy is made of natural rubber. It has a sporty look, with a traditional diver "wave" shape, so it is extra-stretchy and made to withstand the elements. Natural rubber offers unmatched durability and comfort for the active wearer and is perfect for any adventure.

22mm Rubber Nato Band

The ‘One’ Rubber Nato band is our newest addition to the popular “NATO” band family. It features solid hardware and a heavy-duty resin Momentum clasp. Field watches fitted with this style of band were an essential part of military kit during the Cold War. They were particularly valued because the one-piece, pull-through design meant that, if you broke one of the springbars, you did not lose your watch. It's easy to switch out this band without any tools, or, if it gets too dirty, just slide it off and wash it.