D6 Chrono SS Rubber
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D6 Chrono SS Rubber

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D6 Chrono SS Rubber

The latest evolution of the Deep 6 Family. The textured dial design shows a striking 3D pattern, while the cushion shaped buttons make for easy use. 4 beats per second and heart-cam reset system give the push-buttons a solid click action.




200 Meter Tested

2-3 Year Battery Life


22mm 'Fitted' Rubber band

This silicone based rubber band is made especially for the Deep 6 Family. Curved to fit even a smaller wrist size but can withhold the 47.5mm case, the ‘Fit’ band is the most popular rubber option for the Deep 6 Family.

22mm Rubber Nato Band

The ‘One’ Rubber Nato band is our newest addition to the popular “NATO” band family. It features solid hardware and a heavy-duty resin Momentum clasp. Field watches fitted with this style of band were an essential part of military kit during the Cold War. They were particularly valued because the one-piece, pull-through design meant that, if you broke one of the springbars, you did not lose your watch. It's easy to switch out this band without any tools, or, if it gets too dirty, just slide it off and wash it.