3X 'Cross-Stitched' Leather - 22MM


$20 $40
Introducing the new 'XXX' Cross-Stitched leather band, and yes, before you ask, this one is completely safe for work.

The '3 X's' come from the triple cross stitching on the back of the oversized keeper. This keeps the heavy duty hardware secured, meaning it's not going to slide and it will last a long time. Nothing beats the breath-ability and comfort of a leather band the 3X gives you the same comfort and extra toughness.

Everyone hates having the keeper break on their watch. Well we say go big or go home, oversized is in, cross stitching keeps it tough, so if you need extra strength go for our triple wide loop.

To start, the 3X band will be featured exclusively on the Flatline Pro but at 22mm it will fit onto a good majority of Momentum Watches.

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