You Asked We Listened: Don't Miss Our Toughest Dive Watch... Bar None

Momentum's foundation stems from the dive industry. 

We've been making extreme watersports watches since day one. Nowadays, most people wear our watches because they're built to last and we love what we do. Our passion is evident from the first moment you pop one on your wrist. 

With that, we are proud to introduce the newest take on our classically designed and highly regarded M50 model. The all blue M50. We have brought this design back by popular demand. You asked we listened. 

Whether you need something for deep sea exploration or just want a watch that can take a licking and keep on ticking, the M50 is our 'tough as nails' dive watch... bar none. Machined from a solid block of stainless steel with a double-locking crown system, virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal, and water resistant to an outstanding 500M/1650FT. That's just how we roll.
Want a little extra room?
The M50 is also available with a solid steel bracelet option made especially to fit right up to the case with solid block endpieces and links. The clasp assembly uses a double-locking safety latch and features an added expansion piece, allowing you to extend the bracelet on demand to fit over a wetsuit or uniform. Even on steel, you can still dive in with your trusted M50. 
Need something a little more covert?
The M50 comes in an all-black ion-plated steel case for those of you who like that stealth look but also want optimum legibility in the dark. The dial markers are applied with a thick coating of Superluminova® giving you full visibility at night, inspired by the night vision goggles in your favourite Tom Clancy novel. 

The surface coatings formed by ion-plating have excellent adhesion and great coverage, meaning that your coating will wear better than your average black-ion watch. The Rubber Nato band (pictured below) is a great choice for style and ease of use. Just slide it on and if it gets dirty, slide it off and give it a wash.
Want the best of the best?
We recommend our 22mm Hyper Natural Rubber with reinforced steel keepers. Popularized by divers and tactical units alike our Hyper Natural Rubber band is tough enough to withstand the elements and is made from 100% natural rubber. Whether you plan to wear your watch in the ocean, the lake, or the pool. Give your watch and your wrist the best!
Need an extra band?
The M50 uses a 22mm band meaning that any of our standard bands of that size will fit onto it. You can mix and match or use different bands for different purposes. Each one comes with a mini strap tool so you can change them at home. Check out some of our replacement band options below! 



Offer Valid Until March 31st, 2018. 

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