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Just amazing

I’ve had my Momentum Steelix on a steel band for about 3 years, and I’ve now just switched over to a Nato strap. So comfortable! It works, it stays together, it keeps time, and it is durable. .. I’ve knocked it on everything and anything and there is almost no scratch. Wearing it in the … Read more "Just amazing"
Alexi Merkis

Practical.accurate timepieces for vision impaired owners

I own a momentum ATLAS t1 V Series watch .I bought it because my vision was reducing and is now seriously impaired . It provides me with clear time keeping at all times of day and night. I have one complaint and that is that the 5 year life on the battery is questionable having … Read more "Practical.accurate timepieces for vision impaired owners"
anthony david fincham

What a Watch

I am on my second Momentum by St. Moritz watch. Unfortunately my first one is at the bottom of Normandy Lake in Tennessee. I hope whomever finds it enjoys it because I am sure it will still work. The other one I have I practically never take it off but my line of work has … Read more "What a Watch"
Kevin G. Klein

Don’t waste your money on more expensive or cheaper watches…toughest watch face and body for the price…a modern heirloom in a disposable world

I have owned tons of watches. Seiko, Citizen, Tissot, Swatches and too many Casios to count. All of those watches became scratched or smashed in a short time. Wish I could have added up all the money I spent on previous watches and just bought St. Moritz watches exclusively. I would have been so much … Read more "Don’t waste your money on more expensive or cheaper watches…toughest watch face and body for the price…a modern heirloom in a disposable world"
Eric B

Crash-able Watch!

As a mountain biker you get used to crashing on occasion and then fixing mechanical issues, swapping damaged parts or living with the blemishes on your equipment. One piece of equipment I never again have to worry about is my Momentum watch. I still have scars on my arm from my last crash in which … Read more "Crash-able Watch!"
James Bradbury

I’ve found my favorite watch

As an avid Horologist I’ve collected brand names and styles that range from dive chronographs to bomb proof field watches. I ordered a base layer with a NATO band and a HeartWare digital for the gym in November of 2016. Momentum has both the design, craftsmanship and customer service I’ve always desired. A quick look … Read more "I’ve found my favorite watch"
Randall Cone

Beats any casio I have ever owned

I just received the watch in the mail and was instantly in love with it. The packaging was hefty and nearly invincible gauging from the heft. The watch is heavy and tough looking. Directions are short and sweet. I’m a front line supervisor at an active medium correctional facility in northern New York and I … Read more "Beats any casio I have ever owned"
Kevin Burke

Great quartz tool watch with unque style.

This watch arrived to me about 3 weeks ago. It is everything I expected. If I were to have only one watch in a bad situation it would be my choice. I love the Seiko automatics but if i REALLY needed a bomb proof watch, this would be my choice. The watch is not without … Read more "Great quartz tool watch with unque style."
Brian Lynch

Superb service to back up excellent products

My measure of a company is the combined quality of their products and customer service. I’d only consider product quality if I led a perfectly blessed life, but that’s not the case; I occasionally need to call on customer service. My personal proof of Momentum’s product quality is the Storm II that I bought in … Read more "Superb service to back up excellent products"
Scott Hills

BeastMode Travel Watch

Here is a picture of my 4 year old Steelix looking good on the last day of a 21 day trip through the Greek Islands. Even though I tend to “learn on impact”, it takes every adventure in stride. Bonus is the offset crown which doesn’t dig in to your wrist when biking/kayaking and the … Read more "BeastMode Travel Watch"
Rod Stables

Best customer service I’ve ever had… for anything!

I bought a Pro-300 stopwatch for coaching. As I was walking around on deck, I dropped my watch, denting a corner and somehow making one of the digits on the screen disappear. It was a minor inconvenience, but I called St-Mortiz to see how much it would be to get something like that repaired. The … Read more "Best customer service I’ve ever had… for anything!"
Daniel S


I bought my first and only Pathfinder so long ago I can’t remember when I purchased it. Close to 20 years ago, Could be more.. It has been beaten and banged relentlessly and still looks great. I have had it serviced 4 or 5 times and it just keeps going. I have worn it every … Read more "Pathfinder"
James E Dodd

My first Father’s Day gift…

….was a Format2, that was 16 years ago. This watch has been on military deployments, humanitarian aid mission, scuba diving, backpacking Europe and many family camping trips. Still flawless time and not a scratch on the crystal. Best gift ever!
Christopher Stafford

Worth the wait…

Watch arrived today (Australia) what a great looking time-piece! Will be on my wrist everyday while at work so the sapphire face will be a big plus….well recommended

Must have piece of gear

I have owned the my St.Moritz shadow dive watch for over 13 years now. Throughout this time, it has reported for duty at the firehall, and been my go to watch for every day adventures. I own other more complicated watches, however the simple design,long battery life,and rugged good looks of this watch always win … Read more "Must have piece of gear"
Adam Galbraith
Fire Dept.

Great Piece

Had my Vortech for 4 weeks and couldn’t be happier! I own 9 other watches including a Rolex. This Vortech is a classic watch; well made, handsome, and very functional. I have received many compliments on the face design and strap. I ordered the blue/gray NATO strap replacing the black leather strap; the NATO matches … Read more "Great Piece"
Keith Shannon

My Titan saved my life

The day started like any other day. I woke up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put my Titan watch on my wrist. 12 hours later, I was in the hospital, and the doctor was saying, “this is very serious sir'”. You see I was at a friend’s house fixing their Murphy wall bed. … Read more "My Titan saved my life"
Vince K.

Momentum Poem

I am an Insulation Contractor…Dust…Dirt I am an Alpine skier…Cold…Shock I am a Flyfisherman…wet…wild My St Moritz…could care less
Mark H

A Momentum Watch For Anyone

The Steelix and the Torpedo were bought at Campmor and the M50 Mark II through Amazon. All three watches are fantastic, look great and keep excellent time. I’m rough on watches and the finish on the M50 Mark II is a little scuffed. I would recommend Momentum to anyone looking for a inexpensive or an … Read more "A Momentum Watch For Anyone"
Richard M.

Durable Watch

I have a Momentum Titanium watch which I have owned for 5 years now, It is a very reliable time piece and I just really like the lightness and the overall basic style of this watch.I am a tradesman and I wear the watch everyday and it never comes off, yes it gets a fair … Read more "Durable Watch"
Justin R

Value For Money

Before I bought my Momentum Watch, I went through roughly 2-3 watches per year. My momentum watch is now 3 years old and still looks like new. Best investment I’ve ever made. Absolutely worth every cent. If it ever did need to be replaced, I don’t think I would buy from anyone else.

Deep 6

I have been the proud owner of a M1 Deep6 for several years now and do not have enough room to comment on all the things that I like about it. I have dozens of watches but this is still one of my favorite. So much so that I bought a second one that I … Read more "Deep 6"
Nick K.

Outstanding Customer Service

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Gary, Chantaal and Momentum for their outstanding customer service. When I had a problem with the watch band on a new M1 Twist I had recently purchased, they responded right away and offered to send me a new band to replace the original. They were … Read more "Outstanding Customer Service"
Cecilia L.

Top Quality

Just received my Momentum M1 Pro SE, and I am very impressed with the quality of the watch. Workmanship is top-shelf and much higher than one would expect at this price point. The main reason I went with Momentum over some of the other well known brands, is the customer service. Having dealt with customer … Read more "Top Quality"
Jeremy D.

Blown Away By The Quality

I had never heard of Momentum / St. Moritz watches until I was surfing the Amazon.com site a few weeks ago, looking for a nice ‘sports watch’ for an upcoming summer vacation trip. When I saw their line, I WAS JUST BLOWN AWAY !! These are absolutely gorgeous timepieces, top quality construction, beautiful details on … Read more "Blown Away By The Quality"
Bob L.

Naked Wearing My Atlas

I spend several months each year climbing mountains in New Zealand. My Momentum Atlas watch goes with me everywhere. Last year I attempted to capture a photo of how it really feels to climb a mountain. On one particular climb in Kahurangi National Park, the conditions were perfect. The photo captured is me at the … Read more "Naked Wearing My Atlas"
Brian W.

Excellent Customer Service!

I bought my Momentum watch at a shop in 1990. I am hard on watches and have broken a few parts on it. Each time I sent it in for repair it is done immediately, correctly and reasonably. I now live on an island in the Caribbean and had to send it back to get … Read more "Excellent Customer Service!"
Deb C.

Being a member of WatchUSeek

Being a member of WatchUSeek I have read numerous posts on your watches and decided to purchase the Steelix through Amazon. I give credit where it is due. It is a very attractive watch that has a nice presence. The feel and weight of the watch with the fabric strap is great. The lume is … Read more "Being a member of WatchUSeek"
Jason W